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Enhancing Gait Analysis for Healthcare

About Us

StrideLink's mission is to bring simple and affordable wearable technology into physical therapy clinics.


Our team has interviewed over 75 physical therapists, biomechanics researchers, and other gait professionals and noticed a fundamental lack of objective data use in clinics. Many assessments are made using the naked eye and within the confines of the clinic or lab.

We aimed to create a tool that providers would be able to use in and out of the clinic to supplement the assessment of their patients.

The StrideLink team's journey to design accessible gait analysis technology has lead to the "Best Overall Project" award by Georgia Tech's Capstone Expo and participation in the 2021 CREATE-X Startup Launch Program. In 2022, StrideLink was a finalist in GT's Inventure Prize Competition and is currently an ATDC ScaleUp portfolio company.


With research and consumer grade gait analysis technology available in the field, StrideLink works to bridge the gap to the clinical setting through our IMU-based wearable, mobile and web-app designed with gait experts and their patients at the front of our minds.

We have designed our own PCB for our electronics along with a custom housing to secure the device firmly to a user's shoes. Our secure cloud-based web-app keeps patients information safe but also easily accessible for providers.


Our vision is for StrideLink to become a fundamental tool for remote monitoring of gait analysis. We bring clinically relevant metrics to recovery for a wide range of diseases and impairments. Clinicians can now objectively track a patient's progress inside and out outside of the clinic with cycle-based metrics that are crucial indicators of gait performance.

By designing our technology to fit seamlessly into physical therapist and provider's workflows, new insights on gait can be unlocked as they can now view a patient's gait in their natural environment. Increasing access to this data will allow for the predictive utility of gait to reach its full potential.

Founding Team

We are a team of engineers passionate about bringing wearable technology into healthcare.

Marzeah Khorramabadi

President & CEO

Computer Engineering

Cassandra McIltrot

Operations, Research, & Regulatory

Biomedical Engineering

Neel Narvekar

CTO & Platform Development

Computer Engineering

Tony Wineman

Hardware Design & Manufacturing

Electrical Engineering

StrideLink in the News

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January 18, 2022

CREATE-X Team Makes Big Strides with New Wearable Technology

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August 26, 2021

Thursday, August 26th 5-7PM EST. Over 80 teams will be in attendance. Stop by the StrideLink booth!

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GCMI Spotlight

August 23, 2021

StrideLink Walks Quickly Into The Future of Physical Therapy With CREATE-X and GCMI.

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GT ECE Feature

April 28, 2021

GT ECE Feature ECE Shines at the Spring 2021 Capstone Design Expo.

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Expo Results

April 28, 2021

Spring 2021 Capstone Expo results!

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Capstone Page

April 2021

Team StrideLink Capstone Design page. Check out our poster and introduction for the expo.

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